Entry #63

Trying to make more art.

2013-09-20 02:41:44 by Araelyn

I don't even know shit about this community anymore. I used to be active a long time ago, but whatevs. I wanna get to know more people I guess and get back into making new art. COME SAY HI. I <3 you.

Trying to make more art.


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2013-09-20 03:12:28

Ah, the community is still here and as neurotic as ever.. think Escalus left forever, but Art in the BBS is still doing okay. Still glad you're showing us what you got :)

Araelyn responds:

I have no idea who Escalus is at all. I guess that makes me shit at Newgrounds? I've never really been into the BBS that much. I should start though. There's plenty of interesting people on here. And thank you! I've been trying to make more art and maybe improve. I'm a bit rusty though :/


2013-09-20 03:43:07

I have come to say hi. Now I know not of what else to do. *Walks away awkwardly*

Araelyn responds:

HI. BYE. NICE TO SEE YOU. *stands waving awkwardly*


2013-09-20 22:14:28

Sadly, she recently had enough (of unprofessional artists/youngsters), and deleted all her stuff, including her Art Battle Royale thread, which pitted artists characters against other characters. Shame too, was gonna hit her up for a commission...

I'm not much into the BBS either, but there's plenty of artists I do follow! Madness day is this Sunday (Fall begins), so I'm kinda obligated to submit something...


2013-09-21 04:21:07

I am back.
I do not know much about today's community either. :/ Sorry I cannot help.


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